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June 3rd, 9th and 10th
@ Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo, Espace Images
6月3 日(日)、9日(土)、10日(日)
@ 東京日仏学院 エスパス・イマージュ

From 2012, HORS PISTES TOKYO will present every year an artist whose works shake the norms and move the lines between genres and filmic objects. Chris Marker, major figure of cinema, will be the first of this series. The Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo and HORS PISTES TOKYO suggest to explore his original relationship to Japan with a special program of films, conference and performance.
Born in 1921, Chris Marker is a filmmaker, photographer, writer, and artist. Marker met Alain Resnais in 1952 and collaborated with him in Statues Also Die. He has traveled all over the world and shot many documentaries. In 1962, he directed The Pier,which he made using still photos. Today, he has become a cult figure. His works include a wide range of art forms, such as films, multi-media installations, novels and essays. Hors Pistes Tokyo will screen his works on June 3, 9 and 10 at L’Institut franco-japonais de Tokyo.



6/3 (Sun) @ L’Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo – Espace Image
6月3日(日)@ 東京日仏学院 – エスパス・イマージュ

Tokyo Days, 1988, 24 min, Chris MARKER
Le Mystère Koumiko, 1965, 45 min, Chris MARKER

Narita: Le printemps de la grande offensive, 1978, 32 min, Japanese Collective
Chats perchés (The Case of the Grinning Cat), 2003, 59 min, Chris MARKER
笑う猫事件 (旧題:高みにのぼる猫)、2003年、59分、監督:クリス・マルケル

Bestiaire (Bestiary)
“Chat écoutant de la musique” (Cat Listening to Music), 1990, 2 min, Chris MARKER
“An Owl is an Owl”, 1990, 3 min, Chris MARKER
“Zoo Piece “, 1990, 2 min, Chris MARKER
“Slon tango”, 1990, 4 min, Chris MARKER
“Bullfight in Okinawa, 1992, 4 min, Chris MARKER
Followed by:
Leila Attacks, 2006, 1 min, Chris MARKER
レイラ・アタック、2006年 、1分、監督:クリス・マルケル作品
Pattes de deux, 2010, 10 min, Etienne SANDRIN et Laurence BRAUNBERGER
Lecture/Screening: L’homme à la tête de chat / The Cat-Headed Man, Etienne Sandrin
Evocation of the figure of the Cat in the works of Chris Marker, from Patheorama to Second Life.

6/9 (Sat) @ L’Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo – Espace Image
6月9日(土)@ 東京日仏学院 – エスパス・イマージュ

Level Five, 1997, 106 min, Chris MARKER, with Catherine Belkhodja.

AK (Akira Kurosawa. A portrait), 1985, 71min, Chris Marker * Q&A with Teruyo Nogami
A.K. ドキュメント黒澤明、1985、71分、監督:クリス・マルケル *Q&A: 野上照代

6/10 (Sun) @ L’Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo – Espace Image
6月10日(日)@ 東京日仏学院 – エスパス・イマージュ

La Sixième face du Pentagone (The Sixth Face of the Pentagon), 1967, 27 min, François REICHENBACH & Chris MARKER
Kashima Paradise, 1973, 106 min, Yann Le Masson /Bénie Deswarte, Comments : Chris Marker

Lecture: Le Depays レクチャー:異/故国
Reading with photographies, in French and Japanese. 写真と共にフランス語と日本語での朗読を行います。
by Yuko Fukuzaki and Etienne Sandrin. フランス語:エティエンヌ・サンドラン、日本語:福崎裕子
Sound design Rainier le Ricolais. サウンド・デザイン:レニエー・ルニコレ

Sans Soleil, 1983, 110 min, Chris MARKER
サン・ソレイユ、1983年、 110分、監督:クリス・マルケル

主催: オール・ピスト東京、ポンピドゥーセンター、東京日仏学院
Organized by: Hors Pistes Tokyo/Centre Pompidou, Institut Franco-japonais de Tokyo
In collaboration with Centre Culturel de l’Athénée Français, Videoart Center Tokyo
Support: Pola Art Foundation, The Asahi Shimbun Foundation

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