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Radiation Causing Unusual Changes: What’s Happening Now?


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Our Planet TV l 14 July, 2011 Please click on « cc » button to show English subtitles. This video is from a webcast program called « ContAct, » webcasted on July 14, 2011 by OurPlanet-TV. OurPlanet-TV is an alternative media/non profit webcast statio…


Nuclear energy has recently exposed its extreme weakness and catastrophic power. Many of you have expressed, as have I, discontent with the terrible nuclear disaster in Japan. The International community must ask this one fundamental question, “Can we continue using this kind of energy?” I must logically conclude that nuclear power is highly efficient; with that said, its extreme danger has reared it’s ugly head as well. My simplistic, yet complex conclusion merely is to explore the scientific possibilities of harnessing the power of volcanoes, and underground chambers to essentially fuel the world’s needs. I am currently in contact with many mathematicians, scientists, and engineers globally asking the question, » how can this be accomplished? » We must now look towards the future and collectively explore the possibles creating the worlds first naturally powered generator. Join us with this quest for peace, prosperity, and natural energy. With this revolutionary concept, along with the cooperation of the International community, we can safely power ourselves indefinitely.

What do you think?

– Johnny Luckett

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